– Follow Us! Here come the Men in Black….Kinda…? Find out what’s the hold-up up next! Hey Hey Movie goers, I’m Chelsea Cannell and you’re watching Clevver Movies! So Men in Black 3 has been ready to go for some time now, at least that’s what we thought when the production started shooting back in December, but now thanks to the Hollywood reporter we are finding out that there seems to be a lot of script trouble. The plan for Sony was apparently to start shooting the first bit of the Script in December in order to pick up New York Tax incentives that were believed to be expiring…THEN they would take a break till February, finish the rest of the story and pick right back up where they left off. Well now it’s march, and they are still waiting. HR reports that at one point there was a full script that the studio liked but then Will Smith had a few issues and wanted to try and work them out himself. A source close to the production told the reporter that the actor has become QUOTE Quite enamored with aspects of screenwriting and that his process takes a long time. Yikes, this doesn’t sound good. So basically Will smith is supposedly holding up production so that he can fix plot problems in a film that should have already wrapped shooting?! Obviously he should have some say but does this seem a little crazy to anyone else? Weigh in in our comment section, and then make sure to follow us on twitter @clevvermovies to get the latest on MIB’s script saga. Thanks

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