Article by Sam Tinky

Learning how to write a screenplay is not the same as writing an article for your local newspaper or even like writing a normal fiction book. While many of the same skills are required, things must be done in a particular way or your screenplay will never see the light of day. Here are some tips and tricks, as well as a recommendation on how to get started, so you can begin writing your screenplay today.

A screenplay is built as much as it is written. The parts are written and then put together to form a completed project. The first thing to decide is what genre your movie will fall into. Then you develop your concept and build conflict into it. Movies are driven by conflicts in one way or another. A movie without a conflict will not be able to hold an audiences attention for very long. Once you have your concept and conflict you will build your characters to fit within the story. Next you build scenes from intro to conclusion and create dialogue within the scenes for your characters.

There are particular formats that you have to follow. Often you will only have one shot with a producer so you need to make sure your production is not thrown out just because you didn’t format it correctly. The margins, dialogue and page numbering has to fit certain criteria. That is why most people follow the advice in the next paragraph. It takes care of everything in the formatting department for you, so all you have to do is concentrate on writing the best story that you can.

Probably the best thing you can do, especially if this is your first attempt, is find a good software package that can guide you through the entire process. There are many software packages available, from free to very expensive so make sure you read exactly what each one offers. If you don’t need the one with the most bells and whistles then there is no need to pay the extra money for the top of the line. You can use the money you save to market your finished script.

The final piece of advice I can offer is don’t wait to get started. If you want to write a movie then get started today. There is no profit in procrastination. It doesn’t even matter if your first one isn’t very good. You will get better as you write more, and you can always go back and fix things that you don’t like when you edit your finished product.

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Screenwriting Tips

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