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Screenwriters are not usually given stellar billing. The movie audience may not even notice their names once the credits start rolling. However, despite this lack of attention they generate, these talented individuals are the souls behind every movie. Without their genius, it is simply impossible for brilliant movies to be made. Every film, after all, must have a story and it must have dialogues to make it more understandable by the audience. This would not be achieved without the skillful performance of the screenwriter. This is the reason why, despite not being very popular, screenwriters enjoy financial successes.

Newbie screenwriters should first remember though that before they could earn good money out of producing wonderful stories and scripts, they should first hone their skills. Not even the best screenwriter in the movie industry nowadays could boast of being an expert already when he started. He could be just like any newbie, making mediocre scripts that could hardly get the approval of a filmmaker and producer. However, instead of stopping and going back to a regular ‘just-for-the-money’ day job, he may have to continued to write better stories and screenplay until he finally got the break that he deserved. This should be a lesson for the newbies; they should not be discouraged when their first few works are turned down. They should instead work harder on improving their skills.

While a screenwriter may write dialogues that use colloquial or common language, he still has to make these very interesting for cinematic or aesthetic effects. This means that he has to be really creative in the way he writes. A newbie may find reading books a great help towards this end. However, he must also remember that the written word has an entirely different effect from that which is spoken. Since scripts are delivered verbally, it is best for the newbie to watch films which are know for having quality dialogues. A newbie may do some research on which won the Oscars for best screenplay and watch these movies later.

There are screenplay software that have been developed and sold. Many of these are found on the internet and can be easily downloaded. A number are even for free. However, while these may help when it comes to formatting and other technical concerns in screenplay writing, these would not do much when it comes to making original stories. In the end, it is still the screenwriter who has to be imaginative in coming up with unique stories. The software’s benefit only comes after an idea on what the movie should be about has been found.

Since the film is not just an expression of the filmmaker’s views but a means of entertaining the audience, it is necessary for the screenwriter make his story really interesting. Whatever genre it may fall under, whether it is drama, comedy, or horror, its story and dialogue should keep the audience on their seats. Again, for the newbie, this could be difficult at first. However, with constant practice, he should be able to distinguish himself as a prolific screenwriter soon.

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