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Many people around the world use screenwriting software in a bid to create a piece of work that will land them fame and fortune. However, knowing exactly how to write a script and then going on to enjoy screenwriting success is difficult.

According to a article, it takes “non-stop hard work” to make it in Tinsel Town. After all, there is plenty of competition to contend with and many talented writers all bidding for their piece of screenwriting attention.

One of those who has broken through into the upper echelons is Andy Jones. The news source noted that he has received acclaim for his script Zombie Baby, which may or may not have been created using screenwriting software.

It went on to point out that having the knowhow when it comes to how to write a script is by no means easy, stating: “Dozens attend lectures hoping to get a glimpse of the secret to success. People pay thousands of dollars for higher education degrees to learn the craft, but the truth of the matter is that it takes luck, talent and non-stop hard work.”

Andy Jones “has found all of that” with his new screenplay, it went on to assert.

Commenting on the work, the writer said: “I wanted to write a zombie movie because zombies are awesome and who doesn’t love zombies? But it was right when Zombieland came out so I didn’t want to do another zombie-comedy like that.”

Instead, his script focuses on a world in which zombies have been around for some time and are simply part of normal life. It “is really a relationship comedy with zombies in it,” its creator claimed.

Meanwhile, he went on to suggest that every good zombie film is on some level a social commentary.

Generally, zombies are supposed to be a reanimated corpse or a human being who is being controlled by someone else.

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