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GoArticles reader,Given for your enjoyment, a collection of takes on the breathtaking new “The Book of Eli” film…As post-apocalyptic movie fiction goes, “The Book of Eli” is not a crowd-pleaser like the “Mad Max” cycle nor mad like any of the “Planet of the Apes” films. This film, the to begin with from the Hughes Brothers in nearly nine years, instead is an intense, surprisingly honest study of a man making his way through a wilderness of catastrophic destruction and soul cruelty like a latter-day prophet. The story is couched in neo-Western conditions — a isolated gunman comes to a urban and confronts the dishonest sheriff and his maniacal deputies — so the film fits comfortably inside the confines of mainstream studio moviemaking. And Denzel Washington is solitary of the few Hollywood stars who can pull off a bigger -than-life character who can assassinate a gang of cutthroats with a horrible blade yet keep up an air of saintliness.Boxoffice should be above average for this Warner Bros. Don’t be shocked if the film is embraced by Christian filmgoers as the Holy Bible is seen as the place from which a new civilization can take shape.Allen and Albert Hughes situate their story in an atmosphere informed by realistic -novel metaphors. Landscapes are desolate, and characters hit poses. effective with cinematographer Don Burgess, they commonly drain the color from isolated stretches of desert (with New Mexico doing the honors). As in “Mad Max,” anarchy rules, with havoc, murder and rape seen as practice events. Washington’s Eli claims to have walked west for 30 days, but everything looks like the bomb dropped only last month. After a “diploma scene,” in which Eli demonstrates his lethal abilities when challenged, he wanders into a desert town where a tin-pot dictator named Carnegie (Gary Oldman by way of his patented theatrical sleaze) holds sway. There is no evident reason why he should rule a gang unless it’s because he’s the exclusion to the rule of near-universal illiteracy. When Carnegie learns that Eli possesses a Bible, he agency to win him over to his cause or kill him — whatever it takes to gain control of that book. Both men see the Bible as the key to community regeneration. Caught in the fight between two firm men are Carnegie’s adopted daughter, Solara (Mila Kunis), and mistress Claudia (Jennifer Beals) as perfectly as his henchman, Redridge (Ray Stevenson), who fancies Solara for himself. stuff play out in a straight-forward transform as screenwriter Gary Whitta gives little depth or complications to his characters or story. A viewer will possibly be grabbed less by the showdowns than by the elaborate cinematography, Gae Buckley’s eye-catching manufacture design of a ruined Southwest and an energetic, pulsating score from Atticus Ross (assisted by Claudia Sarne and Leopold Ross). What is it re Earth’s ruin that so inspires artists? I’m at a damage for words, so let me say these right away: “The Book of Eli” is very watchable. You won’t be forlorn you went. “How do you know you’re walking the right way?” he’s asked. After a calamity has wiped out most of the Earth’s population and left ruin and desolation behind, the remaining humans are victimized by roaming motorcycle gangs of hijackers and thieves. This wasteland Eli treks at an ruthless pace. Set upon in an ambush, he kills all his attackers. Washington and the Hughes brothers do a good job of establishing this man and his globe, and at first, “The Book of Eli” seems destined to be serious. But then Eli arrives at a Western town ruled by Carnegie (Gary Oldman), who, like all the citizen overloads in Westerns and gangster movies, sits in the wake of a big desk flanked by a tall bald guy and, of course, a short scruffy one. How are these guys recruited? Wanted: Tall bald guy to get up behind town boss and be willing to sacrifice life. All the water you can drink.We join Carnegie’s abused wife Claudia (Jennifer Beals) and her daughter Solara (Mila Kunis), named, for several reason, after the bring about of all the destruction. She’s a prostitute in Carnegie’s bar, having made the lapse of coming in on Take Your Child to Work Day. Carnegie hurts Claudia to check Solara. How he controls the terrifying bald guy is hard to say.So many other movies are referenced that we very nearly miss it when their hideout house is perforated by bullets in “L.A. That allows countless beams of sunlight to shine in and function as a metaphor.The Hughes brothers have a vivid way with metaphors here, as in their earlier films such as “Menace II Society” and the underrated “From Hell.” The film looks and feels good, and Washington’s piece is the more mysterious the more we think back over it. The fourth film from directors Allen and Albert Hughes, The Book of Eli centers on the Christianity that was at the margins of their previous films-hypocritically misused by Bokeem Woodbine’s bush-crazy marine turned pulpit-pounder turned stick-up man in Dead Presidents, and the sanctimonious grandparents in Menace II Society.”I don’t think God really cares too to a great extent about us, or he wouldn’t have put us here. In The Book of Eli, the whole world’s a blasted ghetto. As in The Road, The End has terminally desaturated the world’s palette. On the road since Year Zero, Denzel Washington’s Eli has become an expert at using his brutally quick axe arm to ward off nomadic bands of highwaymen from his precious consignment : the last copy of the Bible.The other copies have been destroyed as taboo, since pious conflict inspired the nuclear holocaust. That’s not impossible to believe, though it taxes na?vet? that a fragmented society that can’t dig freshwater wells has managed to do away with every other copy of the most everywhere book in the Western world, undoing all of the Gideons’ superior work. As does the adherent Eli attracting Solara-a badly miscast Mila Kunis, who looks like she’s spending a semester abroad in the post-Judgment Day from her vogue school’s co-op program. It’s water and a battery allege that lure Eli down the Main Street of a repopulated ghost town. Carnegie is one of the few survivors, like Eli, old enough to recall the lost world. It’s with cynical messianic intent that he’s been scouring the countryside for a Good Book, which sets up a fight with true believer Eli.The Hugheses once had a black-comic sense to bout their comic-book horror impulses (every line of Menace is a potential inside joke). Here, that feeling is evident only in a hard shoulder stop-off with some unhinged survivalists, an elderly American Gothic couple played by Michael Gambon and Frances de la Tour. Nobody reads Pilgrim’s Progress any longer, so I guess you take it where you can get it, but The Book of Eli’s plastic parable isn’t much more complex than Insane Clown Posse theology. Eli himself resoundingly fails to tag on the Good Samaritan’s pattern when witnessing a roadside hijacking; the most that can be said is that he leftovers chaste without visible effort. Our hero is mostly an Old Testament smiter of the wicked, conclusively -but for I forget when Christ said, “You lay that hand on me again and you will not get it back” at the Garden of Gethsemane.And on that note, GoArticles reader, do be so kind as to visit and bookmark my blog, where you can watch “The Book Of Eli” free online the minute it becomes available!

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