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Romantic novelists are amongst the most famous of authors. Many ardent fans await a new novel from their favorite writer with great anticipation. One author noted for her realism is E.V. Mitchell, and The color of Heaven certainly doesn’t disappoint. The central character is Sophie, a columnist whose charmed life falls apart after she finds out her husband is having an affair and her daughter suffers a serious illness. When she is at her lowest and feels like nothing else can go wrong, her cars skids off an icy road and into a frozen pond, thus taking Sophie on a profound and heart wrenching journey. The character is believable and likable we live every moment of her journey with her. A highly enjoyable read which will tug at your emotions in all the right places.

A gritty, action packed romance full of twists and turns is the synopsis of Livewire the latest release from Lora Leigh. We are plunged straight into the world of intrigue with the male lead, Capt Jordan Malone. A maverick who leads an elite team to fight terror. The man is an enigma and even his his loyal team don’t know his true identity. Enter Tehya Talamosi, AKA Enigma, a female counterpart who, with a mind full of secrets and a body to die for, sets about to bring Malone to his knees. They embark on their most dangerous, and personal mission and the reader is dragged along for the ride. Dark, intriguing and fast paced, this is a modern day romance that will leave you satisfied but exhausted.

Her last letter is a suspenseful novel from the pen of Nancy C. Johnson. Set in the Colorado mountain town of Glenwood Springs, photographer and author Gwyn Sanders discovers an old, cryptic letter which had been written by Kelly, her deceased sister. The letter reveals that she was in a sexual relationship with her sisters boyfriend and feared for her life, this is particularly shocking as Kelly was a hit and run victim. As both Gwyn and her other sister Linda are both married, either of their husbands could be the man in question. As the sisters received a large inheritance before they met their future husbands and, upon discussion, realize they know little of their backgrounds, they have to face up to the fact that one of their much loved partners could be a murderer. Bring a private detective into the mix and you have the ingredients for a solid and fascinating ride as the story unfolds.

Robyn Carr’s vivid descriptions bring the back drop of Virgin River to life in the heartwarming Harvest Moon. Kelly Matlock is a successful chef in San Francisco before she collapses at work. She is burnt out and retreats to her sister house in Virgin River to re-evaluate her life. After a while she begins to feel agitated and unhappy with the peace and quiet, until she meets the handsome Lief Holbrook. A screenwriter with the looks of a rugged lumberjack, Kelly finds him irresistible. The only fly in the ointment is Courtney, his troublesome teenage daughter who can find trouble anywhere,even in Virgin River. Can she overcome this baggage to find happiness? You’ll enjoy finding out.

When Blake, a glamorous ex model, finds out that her live in boyfriend is up to his neck in trouble with the underworld and a handsome special forces veteran, Caleb, is hired to secretly protect her, you know sparks are going to fly. Her secret bodyguard by Misha Crew is an enjoyable romp as Caleb discovers there is a lot more to Blake than the stereotypical dumb model. Danger and intrigue are also thrown into the mix and you end up really caring about this couple and whether they can survive their feeling for each other, if at all.

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