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First dubbed the annual Qing Bohui word “international”, is marching to the flourishing of drums we approached! This is the highest standard of Wenzhou, the largest and most influential event, this event will give 7.5 million people in Wenzhou what kind of wonderful? What it will bring business opportunities at home and abroad? To this end, our reporter to visit the barracks in advance, the most vivid and most practical Aspect information and care on site to provide the reader with a comprehensive and practical information. Four Aspect waiting for you Laiqiao Qing Bohui brilliant arrangements, but these four Aspect is a must-read. Aspect One: Oct. 11 evening, City Stadium, “The Wenzhou, about” large-scale theatrical show. Over the big, performed the biggest names. Wenzhou fans singing together with the star, closer to idol. Aspect two: the morning of October 12, Qingbo Hui opening ceremony. Opening ceremony will be held at the International Convention and Exhibition Centre. In the scene, spectacular new landscapes, and live music in the elegant music, will not disappoint you. After the opening ceremony, exhibition hall open to public immediately. Aspect Three: October 12 evening in the Middle Island style party in any case not to be missed. Millennium Solitary Island will build 800-meter promenade, four stage, 500 tables, listening to music, quality snacks, enjoy the solitary beauty of Lantau. Aspect Four: October 12 evening, the joint conference of Wenzhou Women’s Fashion “wind”, with symphony, ballet classic “Dance” pavilions. By then, 20 women’s domestic and foreign companies invited to demonstrate Leather Clothing supermodel, fashion, casual wear, jeans, evening wear, etc., Xiedong Na, Wang Min and other famous models have to cheer. Many business opportunities waiting for you Gold Rush Since light is an annual event, people of course will give attention to this event to create an international light industry city of Wenzhou, bringing the number of business opportunities. Qing Bohui period, trading and technical trading is the highest gold content of the cake 2. Product transactions, from October 12 to 15, at International Convention and Exhibition Centre Qingbo Hui integrated development with 1,800 booths, divided into 8 major special exhibition, there are shoe, clothing, culture and education tools, hardware, printing, etc. 22 industry exhibitors. In addition to the city and domestic enterprises, the United States, Italy and other international enterprises to exhibitors. A stroll to the scene you might be wonderful reflection a “golden child” it. Qingbo Hui Zhe School Furniture is the second part, 21 to 23 October at the International Convention and Exhibition Centre. This is the first truly professional Qingbo Hui exhibition with 800 booths. Qing Bohui The third part is 16 to 18 October, held in Longgang Printing and Gift Show. 280 with stands, and gift the city with nearly 1,000 booths have linkage. In addition to well-known brand, and Commercial Co., Ltd. in Japan, the Japanese Hill Mountain Clubs of Canada MT Group and other international companies have come to the exhibition. Technical trading transactions by the technical achievements and technical challenges tender will form, with this powerful you can be over gold. October 12, China International Hi-Tech Fair Light patents and technology in the City Hall. There will then be 3300 a number of patented technologies and the latest results to come to light shows, publishing and trading. The afternoon of 12 and 13 days, Science and Technology Museum will also hold key projects and technical problems recommended tender will be issued. By then, the project will select 30 participants about the latest light industry, in particular with the Wenzhou key projects related to site recommendations; released a number of industrial development in Wenzhou key technologies needed to solve. Forum Spirit of Feast If you are a bit Wenzhou entrepreneurs, now is not working for the frequent international trade barriers to worry about? How well the product into the basket and screenwriters large international buyers? But wait, Qing Bohui on various high-level forum for you to wrong way perhaps. Qing Bohui the Urban Science and Technology Museum has three high-level Forum on Intellectual Property Rights, including “Economic Globalization and Intellectual Property Protection in China” forum by the original State Intellectual Property Office, WIPO Director Lin Speaker Gaul; “International Trade Technology Barriers to China’s industry and Countermeasures, “by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, party members, the National Standardization Management Commission, Li Zhonghai Speaker;” Information technology and industrial development “forum by the Ministry of Information Industry of the CST Xusheng Cheng, Chinese Academy of Engineering Tongzhi Peng, Kingdee Software Co., Ltd. President Xu Shaochun other experts. 13 afternoon, Europe and the United States marketing services summit will be held as scheduled. European Department, Ministry of Commerce leaders, international marketing experts, representatives of international buyers will attend the forum, wish to enter the European market to benefit the enterprise may be. Three thousand gathered in talent recruitment for the project Shortage of talent has always been the soft underbelly of Wenzhou enterprises, but during the Qing Bohui, talent festival to prepare a large number of entrepreneurs in Wenzhou, “Maxima.” Focus on building an international light industry city, this year’s Talent Fair personnel and light industrial activities in order to light the theme of intellectual projects. Talent Fair activities at home and abroad were invited 130 guests from overseas experts, overseas Chinese students and the well-known university professors. Participating students studying abroad to bring technology experts and intelligence projects in 1352. Talent Fair activities Haoxiliantai, from Wenzhou, China Overseas Students Pioneer Park Environment Promotion, 2003 Wenzhou Light Industrial personnel seminars, overseas students studying science and technology experts and intellectual project of Wenzhou Light Industrial Cooperation and Training Talents Fair, 2003 Wenzhou golden light exchange of qualified personnel, technology intelligence project signing ceremony to discuss the outcome of certification ceremony of signing overseas liaison post is composed of six major sections. Through the Talent Fair Festival, in order to broaden the entrepreneur’s human resources management over the years, and improving the level of human resource development to achieve high-tech and non-governmental surplus capital city grafting.

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