The Grudge 3 is the latest installment of the Grudge series which was released May 12, 2009 as a direct to DVD movie. Director of the Original Grudge and its sequel The Grudge 2, Takashi Shimizu, decided he would rather try his hand at producing on this film rather than directing, opening the door for Toby Wilkins to sign on as the director. Shimizu, who is also the writer of the original Japanese film Ju-On that was the basis for the Grudge, was also credited with writing for the film, along with screenwriter Brad Keene who wrote “Gravedancers” and “From Within”. Set in Chicago only a short while after the action takes place in Grudge 2, the story continues. Young Allison brought the curse with her from Tokyo. Running away did not helpĀ  end the torture. Now we have Jake Kimball, lone survivor from Grudge 2, Locked up in a mental institution. Dr Ann Sullivan, acted by Shawnee Smith, is taking care of him.Jake tries to confide in Dr. Sullivan about his family, but his story is too fantastic and horrible for her to accept as truth. She changes her mind after Kayako, from the other two Grudge films, invisibly goes after him.Naoko, Kayako’s sister, is still living in Japan. While reading a newspaper she finds out about all the stuff happening in the U.S. Naoko knows what to do about the deadly curse. She can, after all this time, make it stop. She is determined to go to America and do her best to end the reign of terror.From Japan all the way to that apartment in Chicago, Naoko makes her way to face the curse. In the apartment originally in Grudge 2, she comes into contact with the landlord and his kids. While becoming familiar with the family she becomes very close to the older girl Lisa, and comes to see that little Rose is in contact with the spirit world. All this time the curse is going full throttle at the family.She decides the way to end this will be an exorcism during which the young girl Rose will drink Kayako’s blood. The landlord Max who is crazed by this time murders Naoko in the middle of the exorcism. Rose drinking the blood and the exorcism had gotten rid of the curse, but Max killing Naoko has created a brand new one to take its place.If you liked The Grudge movies, you have got to see this. So many questions from the earlier flicks are answered. The ending makes you think there are possibly more to come.

The Grudge 3 DVD is an all out attack on the brain. After the scariness of the previous Grudge movies, The Grudge 3 DVD gives some closure and leaves room for the possibility of another!
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