Taken is a mystery thriller starring Liam Neeson.  It had a pretty good run at the box office and is now on DVD and Blu-ray.  Neeson plays an ex-spy that must use his skills to find his kidnapped daughter who has been taken by modern day slave traders.  It is a high adrenaline thriller with plenty of action and thrills.  Liam Neeson actually looks like an action hero, using his skills as a spy and secret agent to find the kidnappers and save his daughter.  On paper, it sounds a little weird casting Neeson as an action hero, but it works surprisingly well and Neeson pulls it off.  The movie is highly energetic and tense and is surprisingly good.  The Blu-ray includes the theatrical release as well as an extended directors cut with additional scenes.  There are the expected deleted scenes and extended directors commentary as well as commentary with the stunt coordinator and screenwriter.  This blu-ray comes with a digital copy that you are able to download and watch in a different form. For the following reasons this movie is rated PG-13: violence, drug use, adult situations and profanity. Neeson does a great job with this part. He plays a father who is enraged and searches for his abducted daughter. There is no reason not to give this movie a try, Any fan of thrillers and action movies will like the action packed movie.  The DVD is also available in an extended version with all the same features except for the additional digital download which is only available with the extended Blu-ray version of the movie.  This movie is a great addition to your DVD or movie collection.  It is a parents nightmare come true and this movie shows how one man deals with the situation, on his own terms.

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