With the amount of action thrillers and goofball comedies that keep getting cranked out of Hollywood, it wouldn’t be a stretch to wonder: What happened to the dramas?  Fortunately, a nice group of gripping dramas were released in the past year, making them now the hottest thing on satellite TV.  Here are the five hot dramas now playing.

1. The International. Like Clive Owen?  Most movie fans do, and this film features him as a rogue Interpol agent working with Manhattan D.A. Naomi Watts, trying to reel in some tricky international crooks.  The Guggenheim Museum is one of recent cinema’s most interesting set pieces, as there’s only one way in or out.  Check out the satellite TV On-Demand services to see this film.

2. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  The F. Scott Fitzgerald story has been rattling around screenwriters’ heads for more than half a century, but it took the commitment of a blockbuster cast to get it made.  Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett deliver the goods in this Oscar-winning David Fincher film.  One of the other stars of the movie is the special effects team on the production end, making this film a must-see in HD.

3. The Wrestler.  A former superstar, down on his luck and in need of a revival, takes a big chance for a comeback.  No, it’s not Mickey Rourke, it’s his character, pro wrestler Randy “the Ram” Robinson.  Viewers have been enchanted by the similarities of Rourke and his character in this gripping film by director Darren Aronofsky.  Rourke gives everything he has, in what appears to be extremely personal moments, worthy of more than a few sessions in therapy.  Marisa Tomei turns in a great performance as his stripper girlfriend and Evan Rachel Wood co-stars as Robinson’s estranged daughter.  The Wrestler is one of the season’s highlights on satellite TV.

4. Gran Torino.  What would an Oscar season be without Clint Eastwood?  Eventually, that will be a reality, but Clint proved once again that a leading man can still lead in his seventies.  With echoes of Dirty Harry, Eastwood’s character plays hardball with some neighborhood kids, gaining respect and stirring up trouble simultaneously.  Hopefully, it’s not the end of Clint’s reign at the movies, but nonetheless a must-see on satellite TV.

5. Revolutionary Road. When the novel by Richard Yates was published, neither Leonardo DiCaprio nor Kate Winslet had been born.  The tale of 1950s suburban angst seems more suited for director Sam Mendes, who guides his cast (including wife Winslet) through the film admirably.  Get a glimpse of the end of the Beat Generation and see these Hollywood stars perform at the top of their considerable powers.

When you want access to the best movies, you have to keep an open schedule and be prepared to pay big at the ticket windows.  With your satellite subscription, you can keep your schedule and let the movies come to you On-Demand.  See what Directv Deals can do for your movie plans.  For the answer to your drama cravings, check out directv deals available right now.

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