Once in a while we come across stories that make us feel good and inspire us to believe that no matter how bad things are there’s always a ray of hope. One such story is about Danny Trejo who has appeared in such big movies as the “Runaway Train”, and “Heat”. He was the only actor to appear in all three of the “From Dusk Till Dawn” movie series. He’s the big thug sporting a scarred face, a long, thin moustache, and a muscular body with large tattoos, of which the woman wearing a sombrero stands out. He is well loved for the criminal roles he plays. Danny Trejo is a Latino born in Los Angeles. He became a drug addict as a child and later on graduated a criminal. In a world where he believed that the only choices for him and his kind were either to be laborer or a drug dealer, he figured being an armed robber was the better choice. He was in and out of jail for serving time for armed robbery and drug offenses at age of 21 from 1963-65 at Tracy. Then in San Quentin State Prison from 1965 to 1968 and finally in Soledad from 1969 to 1969. While he was at San Quentin, he joined the lightweight and welterweight boxing divisions and became the champion in both divisions. In prison the 12-step rehabilitation program he completed turned the key to his new life. A young man whom he had previously met at a Cocaine Anonymous meeting in 1985 asked him for support. Trejo went to meet him at the set of Runaway Train . When the staff saw his tough appearance and his many tattoos, he was immediately offered a role as a convict extra. The screenwriter turned out to be a fellow prisoner from San Quentin offered him a job training actors for a boxing match. The director in the meantime seeing how good he was at boxing offered him the role of the villain. Thus began his acting career.Danny believed circumstances created destiny. What his is now is a combination of what he was before and the choices he had made. He loves playing the bad guy because it shows kids that bad guys often die or get jailed. He also speaks to the youth, encouraging them to lead decent lives and avoid making the mistakes he did.

The author is fascinated by things that are simple and minimal. He likes minimalist art, lives a simple lifestyle and writes things that are light and easy to read.

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