If you are planning to watch My Sister’s Keeper movie, be sure you carry a hanky, a load full of tissues, sponge, your husband’s sleeves may come handy and to be a good citizen, get a mop too. The movie is deeply emotional and very sentimental. The online movie rather than just tossing a family coping with a sick-dying loved one, adds a twist of how a genetically engineered

The best part of this online movie is how the family copes up when the genetically engineered child, the donator sibling that is, decides she no longer wants to be harvested for her body parts. That is what Anna finds herself in, in this movie. For 11 years Anna has been living with the grand purpose of keeping her leukemia affected sister Kate, alive. But when Anna has to donate one of her kidneys to Kate, she has had enough of it.

Of course the soppy hearts would find themselves reaching for another pack of tissues and insulting Anna of being rude but, what would you say when you realize that Anna, after the kidney transplant might not survive long? That’s exactly what the case here is. And you indeed need to watch the online movie to understand the irony behind each word I write.

The movie is not just a tele-a-tale of a girl who sues her parents for medical emancipation, there is more to it. Director Nick Cassavetes has tried every possible method to keep the focus on My Sister’s Keeper’s characters and their struggle to keep Kate’s dire desire and Anna’s difficult decision rather than tugging the viewer’s emotional strings. Like frying a streak on the pan, he shows the better and the worst times of their past and gives equal time to everyone involved in the family.

The online movie varies from Jodi Picoult’s book in a few ways. Yet, on its own terms, the movie has quiet a relentless power to move any kind of an audience. The movie takes care of every member of the family carefully and lovingly showing us an array of fallouts and the good intentions behind every move made.

Apart from the story line, what makes the movie remarkable is the excellent performance given by each artist. The young actor performance is a graceful, working in the world that is tough even for the adults to take.

So if you are wondering, “Why do I need to watch a movie online, about a sick child dying?” then, here goes the answer. The movie is uplifting, it is thought provoking and it is alive with amazing performance. The movie if you ask me is not something you should miss. It is about love and the many forms we see love in.

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