We have recently seen more and more often on the internet what we call streaming. You can watch a series, a movie, a documentary or any video without having to download it, which mean you can start watching the video while it is still loading it. Even if streaming first came to use in the nineties, it really became popular at the beginning of two thousand.

When you want to watch movies online and legally, most of the sites will use the streaming technology because it also means the user can only watch movies or television series but cannot download it and store it on his or her computer, thus not being able to pass it around.
To be able to watch streaming movies, you do not need to have a very powerful computer. All you need is a good broadband speed and a good sofa or chair to watch the video. You could be very surprised by the quality you can have with streaming videos.
With the number of sites offering free movies or free films to watch, the streaming technology as almost become the standard since it offers the best solutions for both the user and the site owners.

The use of streaming is also very popular with music and more and more sites offer users to listen to music tracks by using the streaming technology.

With streaming more and more used by people, watching television on the internet has grown quickly. While it was sometimes difficult to watch television on the internet in the past, the growth of streaming has pushed this media to a new dimension to a point where it is starting to threaten normal television in some parts of the world. It is now very easy to watch television programs live on the internet and on your computer while others are watching the same program on their television set.

Whereas being able to watch movies online was nearly impossible or very difficult a few years ago, it is almost considered to be something normal in some parts of the world. Websites offering that are now appearing nearly every day but you should be careful when you find one of these sites and make sure the whole process is safe and legal. This is particularly true with sites providing free movies like independent films to watch online. Some of these sites do not do things properly and offer copies or illegal versions to watch. Thankfully, sites that do things right usually advertise and clearly display that the users can watch movies online legally.

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