Writing custom essay or term paper is most horrible task for any student, during his/her academic career. Among students, it is considered as one of the boring jobs. This is because they don’t know steps for writing custom essay. Custom essay writing needs proper time, as well as subject expertise. It is necessary to have expertise and skills to write high class custom essay.

There are three types of custom essay writing:

  • Narrative writing: Narrative writing is an essay based on personal experiences.
  • Provocative writing: It is important to pick right style and topic for your essay. These types of essays are written to inform something and to catch reader’s attention with interesting facts and figures. In provocative writing, writers give readers a problem and its solution, supporting with evidences.
  • Expository writing: Expository essays are the most common type of custom essay. It is important to pick right topic and style for your custom essay. Information about the topic and explanation of subject with relevant examples are the crucial requirements of writing expository essay.

Below are some guidelines for writing a good custom essay:

  • Select topic: Selecting topic on which you can write easily is one of the basic elements of writing a good and remarkable custom essay. Choose the topic on which you can easily convert your thoughts, avoid using difficult topic for your custom essay.
  • Research: Before writing a good custom essay, it is important to do proper research. Gather all the relevant information about your topic.
  • Write topic sentence: Topic sentence is the starting point of your essay. It must be that powerful that it grabs reader’s attention.
  • Write introduction: Use your imagination and write a creative introduction, begin with an appealing sketch.
  • Body paragraphs/Supporting paragraphs: Body or supporting paragraphs are one of the most important steps for writing a custom essay. In this arguments must be supported with evidences or examples.
  • Conclusion: Conclude overall discussion.
  • Proofread and Edit: Before submitting a final copy, it is important to read and re-read your custom essay, edit irrelevant material. Proofread will also remove all your grammar and punctuation errors.

Above are basic guidelines of writing custom essay. By following these guidelines, one can write a good custom essay easily.

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