One of the most fascinating people on earth are the Africans in Nigeria and their movie industry is one of the growing and interesting movie industry in the whole world.

Nigeria’s growing movie industry has been one of the most progressive industries in the whole world in terms of producing movies. It produces more than 2000 movies annually and is now considered the third largest movie industry in the world today following the footsteps set by Hollywood of the United States and Bollywood of India. With only a budget of $10k-20k each film is produced and shoots for barely a week or two. Thanks to technology for making this possible-HD cameras, Macs and PCs and other digital technology. However, the movies are not to be shown in movie theatres but to be distributed on VCDs and DVDs. Nigerians enjoys watching films at the comfort of their homes since movie theatres are just a few and is not so popular to the locals there.

The movies of Nollywood are basically themed on families, actions, rights of women and other good and entertaining stuffs. And this 2010, the Nigerian film industry promises to do better and go globally just like the “Slumdog Millionaire” of Bollywood did. The Nigerians want to show their cultures, ingenuity, beautiful culture and their fantastic actors and actresses. But before this happens, they want to flourish in their own native country. They are not thirsty to be noticed globally in a quick manner but instead prefer to establish it well in Nigeria before going out of the country.

Barely 15 years old, the movie industry got a lot of gracious actors and actresses already. You can learn more of their story in Koboland. The actors and actresses are truly professional and they all have great and interesting stories to be followed by their fans. Because of the growing interest, the UK has already allotted a TV channel for Nollywood Movies alone. We have also created a special site for their trailers and featured stories of your favorite actors and

It won’t be a surprised if 2010 would be the Nigerians movie film industries year to capture Hollywood and other foreign countries. They are equipped with the right talent, skilled manpower and professional actors and actresses. So brace yourself and watch out of for more quality films from Nigeria.

About Author
I love different cultures and believe that talents and skills can’t be hidden in colors. Hence I have a huge fascination and adoration for the Nigerian films
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