Yves Lavandier’s screenwriting book Writing Drama should probably be on the shelf of every scriptwriting junkie’s obligatory bookshelf. It is most likely way too heady for the mainstream but it is a necessary read for anyone serious about story structure, myth, and story telling. He may not have a lot of screen credits but the man is definitely brilliant.
I do not believe this would be a good starting place for those just beginning a career in show biz, as it requires a reasonable amount of working knowledge to get the maximum out of it. For those in this boat, I would recommend Philip Gladwin’s ScreenwritingGoldmine, maybe some Linda Seger and of course, The Screenwriter’s Bible by David Trottier.

Writing Drama by Yves Lavandier
This screenwriting book is a two-part study in creating a successful screenplay. He begins with the fundamental mechanics of writing good drama like obstacles, conflict and characterization and moves into an examination of plot points, structure, irony, comedy and many more essential elements.
He eventually gets down to the actual creation of a working script and includes short sections on adaptations, short films, documentaries, and writing for children.
Yves Lavandier is an extraordinarily intelligent man with a strong sense of story telling ethics and this book is often considered too complex and heavy for the American Marketplace. He is a true artist and this is reflected in the style of his book. Consider this one a must read if you think you are up for it.

The Low Down
This title is popular with the art crowd but I question its relevance in today’s market where the focus is on “pretty” but superficial material. If your desire is for intelligent, quality work that is deeply rooted in traditional myth then read it. If you just hope to be rich and famous and you don’t care what got you there then skip it.

More Scriptwriting Books
Grab a copy or look at the screenwriting book by Philip Gladwin (check out the Final Draft review too). Screenwriting software is also something every aspiring moviemaker needs if you intend to submit scripts professionally.

Screenwriting Titles to Consider; here is a brief list of some of the most highly regarded books on scriptwriting.
Writing Drama (Yves Lavandier), Making a Good Script Great (Linda Seger), ScreenwritingGoldmine (Philip Gladwin), Save the Cat (Blake Snyder) and The Screenwriter?s Bible (David Trottier) are all excellent reads.

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