After you learn how to write a dynamite screenplay, you need to distinguish yourself by establishing your unique “brand.” By brand, we mean:

How do you as a screenwriter stand out from a huge pool of screenwriters so that a producer says “you’re the one that I want”? Are you going to be the screenwriter who instantly comes to mind when a producer needs a comedy writer or a horror writer?

In order to develop a brand as a writer, you first need to answer these questions:

What sets me apart from others? What can I create around my screenplays that will make people be interested in me and want to buy what I write?

Let’s imagine four scenarios about establishing your own brand as a screenwriter. (We’re starting with the assumption that all four of these screenplays are dynamite.)

John has written a “high school” script, Francine a “chick-lit” script, Martin a thriller, and Dolores a drama script. Here’s how these four imaginary screenwriters might each develop a unique brand:

John’s high school script features a Chicago basketball player from the projects. John may decide that his brand as a writer is to promote the mentoring of inner-city youth, so he may spend part of his time working with inner-city Chicago teens. And this mentoring work may provide insights for his writing as well as brand him as a scriptwriter who cares about making a difference in the lives of the kind of teens about whom he writes.

Francine’s chick-lit script goes beyond the usual topics of shopping, men and female competition to include championing young women to take on roles that are traditionally male even in these supposedly enlightened times. While her screenplay is making the rounds, she may post short videos to YouTube showcasing young women performing traditional male jobs. In addition, she may work with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to conduct a robot workshop at an all-girl’s high school. Her brand encompasses her writing as well as her outreach to young women.

Martin realizes that thrillers may be a dime a dozen, but he takes the advice in the musical “Gypsy” and has a gimmick. What is his “gimmick”? He gives free webinars on internet security, providing important information on protecting against identity theft. Because of this security expertise he shares, his brand as a thriller writer who really knows what he writes about is enhanced.

Dolores has written a drama that centers on tensions between a husband and a wife. She blogs about the emotional differences between the sexes, and on her weekly BlogTalkRadio show she interviews psychologists who specialize in bridging the gender communication gap. Both of these related activities support her screenwriter brand.

John, Francine, Martin and Dolores all have their own brands – brands that offer each of them the opportunity to stand out.

Your next step is to figure out your own brand. And once you’ve figured out your brand, use social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to spread your brand across cyberspace.

Phyllis Zimbler Miller (@ZimblerMiller on Twitter) has an M.B.A. from The Wharton School and is an Internet business consultant whose company website has lots more useful advice like this. Get her free report on “The Top 3 Internet Marketing Elements” to optimize your own Internet marketing experience – get your report now from

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