This is a guide to using DVD movie rental services to your advantage, eventually getting free rentals completely legitimately. This is not a fool-proof method and will require a little effort on your behalf, but it is well worth it if you are a movie lover.

Many online DVD rentals services offer a number of different subscription options. The option you choose will depend on how many movies you want to watch each month, though there is nearly always a free trials for testing out these packages to see if they are for you.

Enjoy Your Free Trial

In order to be able to rent free DVD movies you will need to sign up for a free trial at any of these online rental services. But before signing up, make sure that they have a scheme that gives you rewards (i.e. free rentals) for getting your friends to sign up with them as this is the main way in which you are going to get free DVD rentals.

Once you have signed up for the rentals service you can enjoy as many DVD movies as your free trial allows, simply returning them when you are finished. However, you should bear in mind that these free trials usually last a number of days or weeks so you will not be able to enjoy your DVDs for long before you start paying – unless you invite some friends to the service.

Start Signing Up Friends

Whilst it may sound easy getting your friends to sign up under your name so you can benefit from free rental months, it can sometimes be hard to find friends who would be interested. Here are some quick ideas for getting others to sign up using your link:

1) Your Facebook Account – You probably have links to many of your friends on here, so why not recommend to them that they sign up for the service. If you are enjoying your trial you can recommend it to them, and even come clean and say you will get free rentals if they use your link. Many of them may have already been thinking about signing up to an online rentals service anyway, so will be happy to click on your message.

2) Give It As A Gift – You can sign up on somebody else’s behalf (say a family member) and give them a few months paid on the rental service as a gift. This makes birthdays and Christmas easy, as well as a guaranteed sign-up under your link!

3) Write Reviews of the Service – If you have a blog or if you visit sites that hold online service reviews why not add one of your own? Write something about the service, state why online rentals are better than store rentals… anything that makes the service sound appealing to those that use it. If people click through and sign up from your link you will have yet more referrals and free months.

4) Write Movie Reviews – This is a great idea as you can do this as many times as you want for any movie you like. At the end of the review simply include a link as to where to rent it!

Getting friends or internet users to sign up to the service through your link is a great legitimate way to benefit from some free rentals of movies or documentaries. You will soon be able to watch as many as you like for nothing at all!

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