This film has received several awards: ‘Best Film’ and the ‘Audience Award’ at the 2004 European Film Awards. Fatih Akin is an internationally acclaimed film director whose works include ‘Visions of Europe‘, ‘Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul‘ and others. ‘Head-On’ is thrilling and in general, it has an excited atmosphere and the good music that makes understandable the whole movie even without words. Moreover, the film emphasizes the theme of ‘foreignness’ that is so familiar to its director. This movie has simple structure and clear plot. It is a richly entertaining film that colorfully evokes the music, dance, sexual life, and the concept of ‘foreignness’. The film is full of dramatic and realistic scenes. Moreover, it is full of dramatic theme and the theme of ‘otherness’ or ‘foreignness’.

Personal life of major characters from the film cannot be called happy. The ‘foreignness’ influences their lives. This does not mean their lives are the worst ones but the problems, which they face, are serious ones. Moreover, the culture is different in a foreign country and the film characters have to accept another type of society. The characters find it difficult to live in a foreign country, even for a short period of time. They remember that all changes are difficult and they need to go through all the difficulties in order to value everything they have. Both movies have received awards owing to the great performances of the characters. They are worth seeing as the play of characters is successful. All the parts of these movies have their brilliance.

A good movie usually has a simple plot. ‘Head-On’ is a good example of simplicity. ‘Head-On’ is a melodrama that will not leave you indifferent to it. It is worth seeing by all people who like movies of such kind. ‘Head-On’ is shot in German and Turkish languages. In my opinion ‘Head-On’ is one of the best dramatic films ever made. It has depth, emotion that makes the spectator think about the life and his actions. This is an affectionate film, salute to the magic of the movies, which recreates the experience of cinema in Germany and Turkey. It raises questions about the place of cinema and the meaning of love and realistic events in our life.

This film reveals the concept of ‘foreignness’, ‘otherness’ that is so familiar to the director of the film. The performance of the cast is great. Birol Unel shines in this great film. He has the role of the ‘lost soul’ playing a 40-year-old Cahit who is a patient at a German psychiatric clinic. The film is the study of important events in our life, of the significant events people face being at the crossroads between the illusiveness of life and the uncertainty of the future.

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