The movie ‘Dancer in the Dark’ is shot in the state of Washington in 1964. It is a drama that has been released in 2000. Lars Von Trier has created ‘Dancer in the Dark’ that is the third film in his ‘Golden Heart Trilogy’ after ‘Breaking the Waves’ and ‘The Idiots‘. Most people agree that the director of the movie ‘Dancer in the Dark’ Lars Von Trier creates exciting films today. He is the director of such genre-breaking movies as ‘Zentropa’, ‘The Kingdom’, and ‘Breaking the Waves’.

The film ‘Dancer in the Dark’ was a major success among all the films. It focuses on Selma Ježková who has moved to the United States with her son. Selma leads a poor life working at a factory and renting a trailer home. She has a boyfriend Jeff who also works at the factory. Selma is a poor woman who does not tell other about her hereditary degenerative disease which will make her blind soon. She tries to save some money in order to pay for an operation of her son. This operation is the only thing that will prevent her young son from the same illness.

The casting of ‘Dancer in the Dark’ is wonderful with Bjork, Catherine Deneuve and David Morse in the major roles. ‘Dancer in the Dark’ is an effective melodrama that is notable for its origins. The film has been shot in English language and the major actress, Bjork, has contributed to the film’s fame by the considerable appeal of her part. This film is beyond comparison. ‘Dancer in the Dark’ is the description of the personal life of a character; it is an exhilarating and emotional musical drama. The movie is the study of human life, of the significant events people face. It gives a summary of the life in the U.S. and a description of the country and its people. It has everything: romance, drama, marvelous script, direction, good music and cast. The major themes that are revealed in the film are the hard life of a Czech immigrant, as well as love, ‘foreignness’ themes. The film ‘Dancer in the Dark’ has an excellent film editing and production design and good music – all the factors that help to emphasize the theme of ‘foreignness’.

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