Many have been there, taking your mate to a movie, a romantic comedy on Valentine’s day. But here is the thing, if you are a man, you dislike the movie but have to go, if you are a woman you might enjoy the movie but feel bad for your boyfriend.

The solution to this matter doesn’t stand anywhere between E-Walk or AMC 25 Empire, it sits on a chair in the middle of the road.

That means a movie which contains both sides of the agenda.

Can a romantic action survive? George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez tried it in their movie, Out of Sight, and haven’t find any success. And many other movies sunk like they where a fish who swallowed a heavy stone.

I have the answer for this matter. A movie which is a sort of a mix of everything. Do you like Woody Allen? Do you love romantic comedies? how about tragic stories like William Shakespeare wrote? And would like the Matrix?

Yes, almost everything in one little movie. I would recommend it and write the name of this movie in the end of this article (don’t jump down, just read until the end).

This movie is an ensemble. couple of stories, vignettes my friend loves to call them. Are they a valentine’s day material, you bet you they are. If you want a moment to kiss your girlfriend, you have plenty of those. If you want a moment where your jaw drop of excitement, I can see couple of those moments.

I can attach you with some incredible movies made in recent years, that might came close, 4 rooms, Magnolia and… well… go figure.

Some people are very excited about this movie, as I am about the reveal it’s name, I must tell you that A friend of mine, went to the hospital by just reading the script. I want kicked out of the synagogue after revealing the script to couple of people. Some people stopped speaking to me because of this script. Some agents and producers refused to help with the project, since it might give some bad reputation to them.

So, this movie is called, One Way Out ? . This movie will be released this year, some time soon. So you are probably asking yourself, why am I reading this right now Mr. Amir Ragporker. So You will remember to rent One Way Out ? next Valentine’s day…

(Writer is the Writer/Director of One Way Out ? – released in late 2008)

Amir Ragporker


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