Well ladies and gentlemen, the time has come for me to wrap up this three part article about the need and greed of Hollywood. It’s plain and simple…the more Hollywood gets, the more they want, and the more we crave. I guess it’s a vicious cycle where in a sense, we all win. They get more business, we get more entertainment, and well, everybody is a winner! Yes, I know it’s not that simple or easy, but why can’t it be? The end result could be that simple, so what more shall we ask for? Before I depart, however, I would like to say that it’s been a pleasure writing about what I am most passionate about. Movies for me are what they are for most people, which is a sense of relief, and an escape from reality for around two hours (unless if you’re watching the four hour Director’s Cut of Dances With Wolves, which I highly suggest against….Best Picture? Really? Come on!). Not only are movies something that I love, but I have a passion for them. Passion is a very important thing to have, to be passionate about something, whether it’s painting, writing, biking, hiking, or just laying out in the sun and enjoying the weather. My passion for watching movies really fulfills me, and even if I watch a movie that is just absolutely horrible, I do not take it as a complete waste of time. Since my family and friends truly confide in me having great movie taste (since I’m the “Movie Guru”), watching a bad movie is like saving them time.

Recently, I have started to be more passionate about something else as well: 104Inc. 104Inc. is an unbelievably new, innovative, and technologically advanced website that seems to be the new wave of the future. Just the basic idea of 104Inc. is amazing, and where it could be headed, and what it could become one day is almost hard to imagine. As of right now, it is functioning as an internet advertising site, having business listings on all of its 2000+ domains, such as 104Books.com or 104Travels.com. But eventually, rumor has it, it is going to be the one stop shop for everything that you will need on the internet, whether you are looking for a business listing still, wanting to connect with family or friends, or just to read the local news or check the current weather forecast. 104Inc. is on its way to become something massive, and every day, there are more and more additions to this new business idea, a business idea that us, the public, and regular users, can build on and become a part of. What other company allows you to actually build it from the ground up and even have the opportunity to be a part of, without even an interview? None! And that’s why 104Inc. is different than anything anyone has ever seen before. How could I not be passionate about that?

Armen P

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