Want to watch a movie? Before you get all dressed up to go catch the latest flick at the cinema, don’t bother. Just log on to the net and you have access to thousands of free online movie downloads! No kidding…there’s so much out there on the web. You only have to explore the endless possibilities and of course be smart and careful.

Maybe you recall the times when a new movie release was an event you had to wait for for a long time and when getting tickets for a new great movie was next to impossible? Well, these times are long gone now. Thanks to the Internet, you can get many free online movie downloads without having to wait so long. Yes, this sounds incredible but I am speaking from experience.

Yes, it is hard to believe that there are so many possibilities for free online movie downloads. If you have never done it, you will hardly know the sites where you can download movies for free but just a simple search on Google or another search engine will give you a long list of such sites. After you get such a list, most likely you will wonder where to start from. Checking thousands of sites one by one is hardly a good idea. Your choice will be much easier, if you find reviews or user feedback about some of those sites. Reviews and user feedback are useful because they will help you narrow down the list to a couple of great sites only. Also, if you have friends and relatives, who download a lot of movies, you can ask them to recommend a good site. Additionally, you can always go to a movie forum and ask your questions there. Movie forums are a great source of information.

If all this research seems too much work, I must tell you that you shouldn?t skip it. Why? Because many of the sites, which offer free downloads are illegal and unless you want to be caught red-handed, while you are downloading a pirated copy, you should research which sites offer legal downloads and which don?t. There are many sites which offer legal movie downloads and there are free and paid ones. In many cases it is better to pay a small fee than to break the law.

Next, if your facing low downloads, then you probably have to check your internet connection. Most downloads are pretty fast, however if your writing your homework, have a meal, take a shower and come back after a good 5-6 hours and your movie is still downloading, then it’s way too long. There are many sites which offer you to check your internet connection speed. It’s pointless sitting by the computer the entire day to download your movie. It really shouldn’t take that long.

If we are to summarize, free online movie downloads are a great way to watch your favorite movies but you also need to watch out for the threats that accompany them.

Isaiah Henry is a download movies expert writer for Movies and Downloads, which offers movie lovers free tips, reviews and other resources on movie sites. Click on the following download movies link for more info.

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