What is the first difference between movies and games? Games are active action and movies are passive. They provoke in our brains different psychic reactions like the walk or the standing on one place. Second, movies have one strict plotline and the game plot line may be changed with our actions or different ways to come to the final point. From the first sight not important but indeed fundamental differences between games and movies lead Hollywood producers to a fault thinking that if they take a plot (and name!) of successful video game, couple of famous actors – the highly profitable movie is done – people will run to cinemas fighting for tickets. Not really… Yes, part of the public (mostly fans of the game) will go see the movie but after disappointment – critics, bad critical information in internet, conversations will be spread across the country. What kind of reputation movie is going to have?

Well, I’ll give you the list of best games based on movies been made and the list of worst games based on movies by internet user’s opinion.

Best games-to-movies: King Kong, Spiderman, Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, Lego Star War, Star War Battlefront 2, The Warriors, From Russia with Love (James Bond), The Matrix: Path of Neo, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Godfather. These games (you probably played half of them) worth attention.

Worst games-to movies list: Friday the 13th, Shrek 2, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jaws: Unleashed, Ghostbusters II, The Blues Brothers, Street Fighter: The Movie, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, Enter the Matrix, Iron Man.

Of course, you may have your own opinion as for “best” and “worst” but still the fact is a fact most of games to movies and movies to games are fail! Though Hollywood is keep trying to entertain us with new movies (as well as to make as much money as possible on naive gamers) or perhaps it is a lack of imagination which is recently observed in last Hollywood movies. Each genre has a standard scheme with sequence of events, when you already know the end of the movie at the beginning. You probably will watch a few movies like this but then you will feel boredom. Are there no talented people in Hollywood who can write a genius screen play? Directors, do you think that fresh genius idea worth less then used and d worn one? You think just about commercial part and popularity? And what about the art?


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