Certainly, the days when the line “Oh! Kindly rewind” for movie rentals has already been gone. These days, you are no longer required to rewind those slim DVDs, which can be delivered right in front of your door. More importantly, you are already freed from the worries brought by returning them at a certain time to spare yourself from late fees. However, what is really taxing now is the thought on how to choose the right online movie rental service for you. Apparently, this is caused by the proliferations of online rental services these days.

Marshall Loeb, former editor of the Columbia Journalism Review and Fortune, writes a helpful feature for MarketWatch to serve as a guide for people in choosing for the right movie rental service. He collected all of the best service providers as well as the services offered by them, which are also presented below to help you choose for the best movie rental service fitted for the kind of service you are also seeking.


Netflix.com is the most popular movie rental service at present. This is also not surprising because Netflix has been providing their service to people since 1999—they have plainly mastered the trade. They offer more than 75,000 titles of movies to choose from. Now, the Netflix website is intentionally designed to provide their customers with the finest recommendations based on their choice of movies.

The cost they offer is also practical. The cheapest plan only costs $4.99 each month. This presents two rentals of a single DVD per month. Meanwhile, they offer four DVDs with limitless rentals out at a time at the cost of 23.99 each month. There are also three plans in between, which cost $9.99, 14.99, $17.99. You can enjoy all of these without worrying for the late fees. The delivery can only take one to two business days and shipping is for free.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy a wide selection of movies without minding to check and recheck your mail for your flicks, Netflix is the movie rental service you have been looking for.


Well, this is also not one of your local video stores. Blockbuster has just started presenting an exclusive service—you rent DVDs from its website but if you feel like you can no longer wait for their mail, you can simply exchange it instantly to their local branch.

The cost of their plans is also practical. Their plans range from $5.99 to $23.99 each month, which are similar to the plans offered by Netflix. More so, you don’t have to worry about any additional charge for swapping a DVD at their local branch. They also ship for free that can last from one to two business days.

So then, if you want to get your DVDs from your mailbox and also enjoy the idea of being able to swap a video instantaneously, you have all the reasons to opt for blockbuster. You may check for the available selections at the local branches near you.


Intelliflix is a good alternative for the big boys out there. Compared to the first two, Intelliflix offers more affordable plans without a lot of bells and whistles on its site. This offers a selection of not less than 60,000 videos as well as a variety of games you can choose from.

The plans they offer start at the cost of $3.99 a month and raises up to $24.95 a month. The costlier plans can permit you to rent for more mature titles. Like the other two, this does not charge you with any late fees as well; not unless you opted for the pay-per-rental selection, which allows you to keep DVDs for a week.

Delivery can take one to three business days without charging you additional cost for the shipping. So if you are on a tight budget and don’t mind browsing an averagely designed website, then Intelliflix is a good choice for you.


Unlike the other three, there are no DVDs here. How can you watch movies? All you have to do is to stream download movies to your computer. For the meantime however, services are only limited to PCs and not Macs.

If prefer this option, you have to be sure that your computer is capable of playing high-quality videos. You may join at the cost of $29.95 per month or $99.95 each year for unlimited downloading or streaming. You may also rent single movies for streaming download at the cost of $2.99 to $3.99. So, if you have a faster internet connection and quality PC, CinemaNow is sure to give you a good service.

Find out more information about online rental movie services and discover how you could download free full length movies online.

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