There have been many movies which have become legendary and so have the actors and actresses who have acted in them. Hence a wonderful movie like ‘Do Bigha Zameen’ still commands large number of human beings as does the recently made historical epic called ‘Jodhaa Akbhar’. These movies have made a separate space for themselves and will be remembered for many ages of human existence. Movies like ‘Zanjir’,’ Sholay’, ‘Aradhana’ and ‘Qurbani’ symbolise the excellence which was present in a Bollywood Hindi Movie since the days of the young ‘Amitabh Bachchan’ and the dazzling ‘Zeenat Aman’. These actors became superstars after acting in meaningful films and have since been icons in the world of the Indian film industry.

A Bollywood Movie has also changed much in terms of technology and picture quality. Since the days of the silent movie when expressions mattered the most, there have been many sound technicians and cameramen who have created magic with the available equipment and the result has been forever present in the form of fantastic movies. The advent of the Eastman colour bought colour movies into Bollywood and since then there have been many movies which have glorified the tradition of making excellent movies. Earlier stunts used to be simple and involved scenes showing the hero bashing up criminals and also the motorcycle jumps over cars as well as superimposed scenes which had things like jumping over trains across a railway crossing. The magical stunt of jumping on to a moving train from speeding horses is for everyone to see again and again in the movie Sholay. Today, as a result of advanced technologies, there are stunts which involve leaping from 20 storied buildings without a parachute on to a roof of a 5 storey apartment and also swimming as well as fighting with hungry sharks and crocodiles as well as Bengal tigers.

The future is bright with the shift in focus and thought, leading to more realistic movies like Traffic Signal as well as superhero movies like the superhit “Kriish” and the yet to be released Drona. There have been even movies like “Mission Istanbul” which still follow the old traditional way of story making and then the Bollywood movie called Shootout at LokhandWala.

Today, you can enjoy the movies of your now choices by just buying cheap dvd player with the new features available in it such as subtle shades and smoother graduation of colors, resulting in a more vibrant and natural picture . Hence the world of the Bollywood Hindi Movie is still a fascinating one for people and will continue to be so in the future as well. with an aim to offer high quality consumer products and services to its customers. Retailsdirect has become the fastest online shopping in india. Currently, this shopping portal is providing exclusive discounts on various electronic products such as washing machine, spilt ACs, refrigeator for the diwali 2008 season.

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