Watching good movies is one of my favorite activities and I do it always when I am not writing or reading a good book. Movies take me away from the daily chores and I travel in the world of adventure or comedy. I usually avoid watching movies, which are based on a real story, even though they are great, because this way I can?t escape from reality. There are interesting science fiction movies but it is only natural when you have in mind the presence of aliens. But no matter what movie genre I want to see, I usually manage to find a movie from that genre and download it for free.

The movie format I prefer is AVI because all being equal, AVI files are more compact than other formats and therefore downloading them takes less time. Even if you like older movies, i.e black and white ones, they can also be found in AVI format.

Films noir are rare but still you can download them for free. As a rule, classical black and white movies are not shown during the prime time when most people can see them. It takes some time to get used to the absence of color but if the story line is intriguing you soon forget that the movie is black and white. The same is true about special effects ? after a while you simply notice that the movie is just fine even without them.

Comedies are my favorites. They help be relax from the stress of the day. I like light-hearted comedies and I can?t stand slapstick. I don?t think it is funny to behave like a mindless idiot. You see, even in entertainment, I appreciate a touch of cleverness.

Dark comedy is another subgenre of comedy I can?t stand. It is totally impossible to understand how you can laugh when the characters are in trouble. I think the most adequate reaction to such scenes is to feel sorry for them. Well, this is just my personal opinion. However, comedy is not the only genre I like. Science fiction is also nice but only when there is no much violence.

I guess there are many reasons why one would download PSP movies. Of course, the main reason is that they allow to watch the movie wherever you are. Rest assured, there are so many PSP movies you can download for free, so you will hardly wonder what to watch.

As you see, it does not matter what genres you like. As my mood changes, so do my genre preferences. I just go to the Internet and download a movie for free. I can even download it to my hard drive and watch it whenever I want. The most important is that I feel so relaxed. You can do it too!

Isaiah Henry is a movie downloads site reviewer for, which offers its visitors free tips, comparisons and other resources on movie services, such as Netflix review.

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