Knowing the right web sites and where to download free movies legally has become of the up most importance these days. Long gone are the days when we used to think downloading movies from virus infected services like Kazaa and Limewire is ok. Thanks to the likes of organizations like the Recording Industry Association of America (or RIAA), people are being hurled off to jail and facing expensive law suites simply because they don’t know where to download movies legally. Thats why I was driven to write this article.

Everybody knows that the web is littered with hundreds of thousands, if not millions of free movie sites. The major concern that seems to be lingering on everybody’s mind is whether or not the majority of those movie sites are legitimate. They want to know where to download movies legally without having to worry about getting an unexpected visit from the Recording Industry Association of America. So here is what you want to do to avoid this from happening.

The first step is to arm yourself with the right information. A good way to do this is to visit a movie downloading review site that has the latest information on a variety of movie sites. This will ensure that you are getting information from a non biased source without marketing hype.

The next step is to go through all the movie sites being reviewed so you can know where to download free movies with no hassles. This will give you more options and will help you make a more informed decision. Once you find a site that you trust, you will have to go to it and get more information about where to download movies on their site.

Hilary Mujikwa is the founder of Free Music Download Websites, a site dedicated to helping people find well over 100 legal free music downloads and the latest free movie downloads .

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