Did you know that multi level marketing (MLM) is a booming online business? You may be astonished to learn that millions of American home based business entrepreneurs have been – or currently are – involved in some form of network marketing enterprise. Sometimes this involves the sale of a product or a service that is an immediate crowd pleaser. Into this category fall wellness products, personal grooming accessories, and a variety of other goods, all of which are much sought after by online consumers. Other products have much more of a niche appeal. These kinds of products are either recognizable by their high price tags, such as fine art, or their high quality which is part and parcel of the product’s reputation – specialty kitchen knives may fall into this grouping.

Since network marketers are always on the lookout for new methods of promoting their products and also their small home based businesses, it is not surprising that online product placement has become a bit of a newcomer in the field of advertising. Comparable to the discreet product placement in Hollywood movies where companies will pay good money to have their soft drinks prominently featured during a movie’s scene, product placement in articles showcases the product in such a manner that it is much more informative than a simple ad, but in many ways contains much of the same information.

Even as article marketing is a new art that is not as simple as perhaps it may sound, there are several persuasive reasons marketers write for Articles.AffiliateSuccessBuilder.Com:

* A new art requires honing and the best way to go about practicing this art form is by writing a number of articles. Savvy network marketers will notice which articles are being read and perhaps even utilized in other publications and which by and large will fall by the wayside.

* Online marketers know that traffic generation is a kissing cousin to lead generation, and it is the latter that will make the world of network marketing go round. Posting high quality articles on a side dedicated to receiving vast amounts of business traffic is the easiest way to guarantee free traffic which will find its way to the marketer’s website for years to come!

* Last but not least, remember that freelance writers are quite frequently also in search of high quality online business opportunities to supplement their incomes. Even as writing is a passion, oh so often it is one that is not immediately rewarded. Affording fellow writers a peak at your product, business site, and business details may help such an individual in their pursuit of working from home while at the same time netting you a qualified candidate for your down line. A win-win proposition for all involved!

* The better your article marketing endeavor, the more traffic you will receive not only from visitors to this website or readers of the articles you submitted, but you will also notice that search engines will pick up on your articles. Granted, this is only the case for those writers who post the highest quality articles, yet if this is you, the possibilities of reward are seemingly endless.

Rick London is the owner of several websites including http://articles.affiliatesuccessbuilder.com and http://www.affiliatesuccessbuilder.com and has written numerous articles about

Article Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Programs.

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