The Coffin Movie Review – Introduction

“TEMPT Fate, Cheat Death.” That is the central theme of director Ekachai Uekrongtham’s movie, The Coffin. It is inspired by a controversial but real Thai ritual where thousands of people turn up at a temple north-east of Thailand to lie in coffins because they believe this rids them of bad luck and prolong life.

The Coffin Movie Review – The Sequel

Chris (Ananda Everingdam), a claustrophobic architect, goes through the ritual to save his dying fiancee, Mariko. Sue (Karen Mok), a nutritionist from Hong Kong visits Thailand and does the same to save herself from cancer, one week before her wedding.

After that, both of them experience what appear to be miracles. To Chris’ delight, Mariko awakes from her coma. Sue not only survives a car accident, but also finds out that her cancer is gone.

However, strange and frightening things start to happen. Chris and Mariko are haunted by a woman in white (Napakpapha Naprasitte), and her baby. Sue’s fiancee, Jack dies suddenly in a car accident but spirit still lingers around her.

With the help of a professor specialising in paranormal cases related to the ritual, they set out to exorcise the ghosts haunting them and reverse the wheel of Karma.

The Coffin Movie Review – My Review of The Coffin

The Coffin opened at number one at the Thai box office and we can see why. Shot in provinces across Thailand including a 100-year-old temple and real cemeteries, the film features terrifying yet beautifully symmetrical scenes, like hundreds of coffins arranged in a circle around a gigantic Buddha and a long closet full of mirrors on both sides.

The movie also shocks when least expected, after you let your guard down.

Credits has to be given to the performance of the actors. Ananda Everingham and Karen Mok truly bring out Chris’ sensitivity and Sue’s vulnerability. Napakpapha Naprasitte’s villainous but heroic character is played out excellently as well.

However, the plot remains unclear as there are no links between Chris’ And Sue’s stories as I write The Coffin Movie Review and we never discover the woman in white until the very last moment.

All in all, this is a thrilling yet moving tale about coming face-to-face with living and dying.

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