The movie 1408 is creepy and haunting story about a writer struggling to survive in a hotel room. Mike Enslin (played by John Cusack) enters a hotel room named 1408 in New York, but he soon discovers things are not what they seem. Mr. Enslin is a talented writer who go to the room in order to get ideas for writing his book. The hotel manager, Gerald Olin, adamantly forbids Mike to enter the room. All of Gerald’s warnings fall on deaf ears because Mike believes that the room perfectly adequate. The hotel manager (Samuel L. Jackson) incessantly claims that no one has lasted more than 1 hour in that room, and feverously mentions that 50 people have died there. Olin emphatically accentuates how hazardous the room is, but the skeptical writer still checks in room 1408. When Mike first enters the room he notices subtle things, like the alarm clock and noises. As the movie progresses he begins seeing ghosts; however, he believes the alcohol is making him hallucinate. This is where the plot thickens. There are some flaws in the storyline, conversely that should not deter you from seeing it. You should have an open mind with these type of movies. John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson do a stellar job in 1408; this is a movie without any gore, violence, or sex. I had goose bumps all over watching this frightening hotel room horror movie.

Final Verdict: See it because it is not a usual horror movie with blood and violence.

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