Based on the best selling novel, The Spiderwick Chronicles is a story about the Grace family(Jared, his twin brother Simon, sister Mallory and their mom) who move to a large home once owned by their great great uncle Arthur Spiderwick after their dad leaves the family. At first Jared doesn’t like the house and is blamed for strange disappearences of medals, keys and many different other things,but when he finds a food transporter in the wall with all the missing things and a strange key in it, he decides to use the transporter to find out where it leads to. He finds himself in the workroom of Arthur Spiderwick.

He searches the room with his flashlight and discovers an old trunk with some clothes and the book, ‘Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You’, written by Arthur Spiderwick himself, with it. Before reading the book he hears a noise behind him and see’s writing in the dust which says ‘Jared Grace leave this place’. On the book he finds a note written saying that whoever is to find this book was to face the consequences. Jared opens the book despite the note and spends the night reading it. Soon after opening the book strange things start happening to the Grace family and they all blame it on Jared. Soon he discovers a creature living in the study and his brother Simon is attacked by goblins.

The creature, a brownie named Thimbletack, tells Jared to leave the book in the house to protect it from Mulgarath, an evil shapeshifting ogre who wants the Guide. Try as he might to keep the book inside the house Jared ignores him. Jared goes into the woods and finds a creature named Hogsqueal, a hobgoblin who is trying to find a way to kill Mulgurath and to avenge the family that the evil troll killed. Jared finds Simon and they are chased by an army of goblins who surround the house only to be disappointed that they can’t get in be cause of an invisible barrier. This barrier is shown to be made by Arthur to protect his family from the goblins and Mulgarath.

The movie goes on with a search for Arthurs daughter Lucinda who was put in a sanitarium years ago after goblins attacked her, a search for 125 year old Arthur Spiderwick who is supposedly dead and the battle of their live including a lot of tomato sauce and salt. Also Jared goes into an emotional turmoil when he discovers that his dad din’t leave them because he didn’t love Jared’s mother. The kids and their mother all discover the magical creatures with the help of a little Hobgoblin spit and a seeing stone given to them by Thimbletack.

This movie is fascinating to watch showing that in peoples life we all have the bad things and the good things. Although it does not say this in the movie it shows it with the goblins and sprites and the little brownie Thimbletack who transforms into a boggart, or in other words, his bad side. Even though this movie is rated PG, I would recommend this for people 7 years and over.

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