Visit my screenwriting blog at I completed my “words on paper” draft of Served Cold. A “words on paper” draft is sort of like a rough draft of a school paper. You’ve gotten everything out. The story is finished. It’s technically a completed work. But you still need to go through and check for general errors (spelling, grammar, formatting, etc.) and have a chance to fix them before it’s considered a “finished draft.” I have until Sept. 25th 2009 do mark this version up, make corrections, and post my first draft. For those who haven’t read a screenplay I’d suggest getting your hands on the screenplay for The Children of Men or The Devil Wears Prada. I have posts with links to PDFs for each of those on the blog. They’re excellent examples of what a great screenplay reads like. In addition, check out http which is a great resource for aspiring writers, or just people who write for fun. It’s got message boards for short stories, short films, screenplays, novels, and other such things. You can get both amateur and professional help from those on the site. Until next time, keep writing!

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