Are you feeling inspired to write? Have you decided that you want to stay at home to work instead of going out? You may want to begin your writing career by creating a writing space. Maybe you just want a place to write your feelings down. Journal writing techniques like this ares a great way to relieve stress and help you sort through your problems.

Every writer, whether freelance or published novel author, will come to a point in their life when the prospect of working in the noisy family room makes them cringe. Maybe once they were able to drown out the family sounds of the television or ignore their favorite team’s touchdown in the big game, but as time goes on, and their writing increases, noise becomes a distraction. It’s time for your own quiet writing space.

In order to set up your own quiet writing space, you must first determine where exactly you want it. Can you convert a spare bedroom into your own office? Is there a corner of the basement begging to be used? What about the attic or the loft over the garage? Your writing space should be as large or as small as you see fit. It is your space after all. Determine if you need to do any minor work, such as lay a piece of remnant carpeting or adding extra lighting, or even a coat of fresh paint, and get it done. You want to move in as soon as you can.

The next decision to make is the furniture you want to put it in. Obviously a desk is a must, whether you are using it for you computer or your notebooks it doesn’t matter. Make sure it has plenty of surface space to work on. If it has a bookcase on the top of it, store your most used reference materials closest to hand. Keep it well stocked with supplies and have a small desk lap there for the nights you do not wish to work with the overhead lights (if you have them) on.

If you have enough room, set up a bookcase to store additional materials and general reading books upon. Sometimes even a writer needs to take a break and relax. Add a small sofa, love seat or rocking chair to your space. Or, if you prefer, a bean bag or futon. Whatever strikes your fancy furniture wise put it in your office. You are not required to provide seating for the whole family. Remember, they are the ones you’re getting away from to write.

Decorate your space in your own unique style. Hang movie posters on the wall. Set your Star Wars toy collection in nooks and crannies. Line your Beanie Bears along the windowsill. Make the room uniquely yours. Keep your favorite compact discs in your writing space as well. Sometimes music is exactly what is needed to kick start the ideas in your head.

Bill Brennan is an avid writer, reader and researcher who loves to share his finds with the rest of us. If you are still not motivated or inspired to write then take a look at his thoughts at His ideas for goal setting are sure to inspire.

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