Of course your writing has to be organized and interesting, but it does not need to be the best written piece ever published. It only needs to be on a particular topic and to make a decent point. No different than a conversation between two people.

A good place to start are your interest level. What do you know most about? Is there a topic that is dear to your heart, bordering on obsession? Have you been accused by friends and family of liking something so much that it is all you, such as sports, music, dancing, drawing, cars, shopping or watching too many movies?

Writing about these topics would be a great way to share what you know and love about the subject while also growing a readership of people who share similar interests. You could even start a blog on the topic and interact with others who would benefit from your insights and who would enjoy sharing their information with you and other visitors. It could really open up a whole new world for you and be the start of something fun and even lucrative.

If you had the opportunity to sit on a park bench with a few people who were all talking about their favorite things to do or their passion for a subject, how would you jump in?

For starters, you could ask a leading question to get everyone’s attention. But once you have their attention, what would you say to hold it? Would you talk about your personal experiences or make comparisons between what has happened in the past to illustrate a point?

In writing, you can tell a story using a “Once Upon A Time” approach to start a story off like a good conversation. Just like a good conversation, you do not want to lose your audience’s attention because you went off on a tangent. So just be sure to stay focused. This rule applies whether you are communicating with one person or a group, regardless of whether or not it is face-to-face or in writing.

If you make reference to something that has happened in history, it may be a good idea to conduct research and gather some facts to back up your key points. This will make your writing more interesting and will add credibility to your writing and establish you as a trusted writer that your readership can trust to present the facts in an authoritative manner.

Regardless of how formal or casual your writing is, it should be something that you find interesting. The more interesting you find it to be, the more interesting it will be to write about and the easier it will be to write about it because you will be fueled by a passion to share your story or historical facts.

Don’t let fear get in the way and cause writer’s block. Start off by writing to yourself. Pretend to be writing to the world. If in the end you actually like what you’ve written, then take a chance and publish it online or submit it to a magazine. If it is a diamond in the rough, an editor will work with you if they believe in your potential.

Another great way to write is to record yourself. Then type out what you said. You’d be amazed at the results! Whatever you do, have fun. Remember, if you can think, feel and talk, you can write about it. So get out that pen and paper, Dictaphone and computer and document your thoughts, fine-tune it and then share it with the world. We’re all waiting to hear from you!

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