www.ScreenplayClass.com Another important reason is I think that like as with ancient drama they provide a kind of catharsis where we experience emotions we have difficulty expressing. Including love. Including the happy ones. Not just the sad ones. And then also by watching other people express them, we feel confident in our expression of them because we watch people. We decide how we feel about their behavior and then we can emulate that. And it’s not that we don’t do that at home and amongst our actual friends, but there’s something about the distance, or watching the actor you wish you were going through what you’ve gone through, for you to find a kind of comfort, shall we say, or release.Marilyn Horowitz, the author of “How to Write a Screenplay in 10 Weeks” and creator of The Horowitz Systemâ„¢, is an award-winning university teacher, a producer, a screenwriter, a script consultant and a successful writing coach. Her students include published novelists, screenwriters and award-winning filmmakers. Her website is www.ScreenplayClass.com

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